New to House Yoga or to yoga in general? No problem, we've got you covered.

Upon Arrival Please Sign in!
Our instructor or karma yogi will greet you and answer any questions you have. You will also need to sign a waiver if you have not already. Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early prior to class to get settled in and to snag a good spot in the room. We ask that you leave your shoes by the door and tell us more about yourself!

Do I need to reserve my spot on Mindbody?

It is not required, but encouraged to reserve your spot on MindBody. Those who register will have preference in the event of a full class!

Forget or don't have your own yoga mat?

House Yoga provides mats, blocks, straps, and towels to borrow during your practice for your convenience.

Practice common courtesy towards your instructor and fellow practitioners.

1. NO cell phones or bags are allowed inside the studio floor during class for safety and distraction-free purposes.
2. Cubbies and coat racks are provided to store your belongings.
3. During class, our instructors do their very best to give you their 100%. Please enjoy the class and keep chatter to the bare minimum.
4. During Savasana, we ask that you try your best not to disrupt others by packing up or leaving. During this important and final resting pose, we ask that you chill, meditate, and feel the benefits of your practice.

Hydration Preferred!

Please hydrate before and during class. Bring a bottle of water to keep next to your mat. However, we sell water and coconut water at the reception area for your convenience!

Too many mats on the floor, and not sure where to set up?
Make room for your neighbor! We do our best to keep our classes at a comfortable size without having to exclude anyone from joining in. There is a cap to the amount of students per class. If you see another student arrive please be courteous and shift over a tad and welcome your neighbor! There are also golden triangle markers on the floor to indicate mat placement in the event of a full class.


House Yoga is located at the intersection of 14th Street and Monroe in Kenilworth, across the street from David Brearly Highschool sports field. There are over a hundred outlined parking spaces along 14th street between Boulevard and Monroe Avenue. Please do not park in the parking lot that surrounds the building, since that is reserved for other building tenants, and House Yoga Instructors.
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